Associació de Muntadores i Muntadors Audiovisuals de Catalunya – English

Who are we?

AMMAC, the Catalan Audiovisual Editors Association, emerges from the need to create a space that represents the collective of audiovisual editors of Catalonia, spreading its work, put it in value, defend its rights and work for parity in the sector.

AMMAC is a non-profit association that brings together the editors resident in Catalonia from different professional sectors: fiction, documentary, television, advertising and corporate video, as well as assistant editors.

It was founded in 2018 from the concerns of a small group of editors that considered the needs for representation and collective action within the profession. After a first meeting where more than 100 professional editors attended, working commissions were created, dozens of people registered in what would become the association in the following months.

Members of the Board:
President: Liana Artigal
Vicepresident: Juliana Montañés
Vicepresident: Luis Calvo
Secretary: Anna Bello
Treasury: Saudde Cevallos
Members: Queralt González
Activities: Pepa Roig and Roberto Bra
Labor Rights: Mariona Solé and Pepit Rodríguez
Communication: Óscar Chuecos

Aims of AMMAC

  • To organize and represent the editors in Catalonia before of the audiovisual sector, the official institutions and the society.
  • To introduce the cinematographic and audiovisual editor profession and promote recognition within the industry, as well as among the general public.
  • To ensure fair professionalization and encourage proposals that improve editors’ conditions of employment: tax, wage, legal, administrative and contractual regulations.
  • To create a network that promotes the exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources among its partners.
  • To foster for gender parity in our sector.
  • To vindicate and promote the figure of the assistant editor.
  • To ensure the continuity of older professionals in the bussiness, and favor the transmission of knowledge between generations.


To achieve these goals, AMMAC works in different fields that translate into several commitees that coordinate different work groups that are in charge of the following tasks:


To spread the work of editing and its importance in the audiovisual creation, to manage the contents of the website, newsletter and social networks of the AMMAC, as well as to publicize all the activities of the association and the news related to our sector.

Also, it’s in charge of promoting projects and agreements with other associations, entities, official organizations and / or private companies to defend our demands.

         Labor Rights

Make an overview of the situation of the ecitors in Catalonia and watch over their rights. Defend the interests of the group, in labor and professional sphere, in front of public and private organizations, as well as work for parity in the sector. Offer legal support and mediation in labor conflicts.

         Activities and Training

Organize courses, workshops, conferences and screenings.

Generate spaces for reflection from meetings, forums and exchanges of experiences among members of the association.

Create events for networking and consolidate as a group.

To Put in value the work of the editors, actively participating in the main festivals and events of Catalonia, as well as digital platforms and exhibitions, promoting the best editing award in some of them.

Offer training for members from courses on different topics: editing programs, post-production workflows, editing theory, accounting for self-employed workers, etc.


As a result of the desire that AMMAC represents the professional editors of all the audiovisual sectors, we have also created five sectoral vocalies to work on those specific aspects for each sector.

In this way, members of the AMMAC will be able to direct to each one of these sectors vocals (television, film, advertising, documentary and corporate) in order to resolve doubts or make proposals that affect a specific sector.


If you want to contact us, you can do it through these e-mails: